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Moose Antler Embroidered Pillow Cover Set

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Moose have become synonymous with the American north woods due to their indomitable spirit that is similar to our pioneering ancestors.

Instantly recognizable by their distinctive antlers male moose are majestic creatures that are rarely seen by humans. Both male and female moose have dewlaps at the throat, another feature that distinguishes them from other types of deer.

If you have been lucky enough to glimpse one of these magnificent creatures in real life, you know the awe they inspire through their sheer size. From hoof to shoulder, a moose can grow up to 6' tall and weigh more than 1000 lbs.

Our pillow set of two 12” x 20” embroidered covers captures the splendid beauty of moose antlers in wonderful color and detail. Perfect for a cozy look any time of the year this pillow set is crafted in soft linen/cotton and backed with plaid for a classic north woods look.

Imbue your space with the spirit of the great American wilderness with this captivating pillow set. Instantly bring the outdoors in and connect everyone in your home with nature and its inhabitants.

Sold as a set.

12" x 20" each



Customer Reviews

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Katherine Cornwell
Cute Design

I am very happy with the 2 Moose pillow covers I purchased. The 4 star rating is because I feel the covers are overpriced. The website was easy to navigate and the covers arrived promptly.

Keith Stefan
Amazing …!

Great quality! Ever better people ! Love it


After going through tons (and I mean, TONS) of pillows over the years, I can confidently say that high-quality, attention to details, and intentional design are what create an experience of sophisticated-comfort. We ordered the Striped Bass cover set and the Moose Antler covers. Wow! The first set is a fuse of lightweight-linen and velvet textures to compliment the casual coastal feel of our shoreline house in Connecticut, while the other set blends a refinement of warm flannel tones with bold embroidered stitching that evokes that après cozy-cabin vibe for our Vermont house. Couldn’t be happier with our purchases, and oh, FYI- customer service was exceptional and super quick shipping.

Wendy Whalen
Love the moose!

They look so beautiful on my sofa. Color, fun, comfortable! Just the update my mountain house bedded! Fun pillows!!! Maybe a real moose will come by now!

Mary Beth DuRant

Love the moose! Deer and Black bears would be great in my territory!

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