At Tide Hill we design beautifully embroidered pillow covers. With a hyper focus on detail beginning with hand drawn art that is then digitized and embroidered to make truly unique pieces.


Tide Hill is not currently selling inserts as this is not an area where we can offer value to our customers. We recommend Amazon for a wide selection of inserts at low prices.


As a reference we created this page to help you easily find the correct insert size.


Three Piece Pillow Cover Sets are 16” x 16” each.

Two Piece Pillow Cover Sets are 12” x 20” each.

Single Pillow Covers, except Fly pillows, are either 16" x 16" or 12” x 20”.

Fly Pillow Covers are 12” x 16”.


We recommend pillow inserts that are true to size. For example, for the Marlin covers that are 16” x 16” each, we recommend pillow inserts that are 16” x 16”.


On Amazon simply search for 16” x 16” Pillow Inserts, or whichever size you need for your pillow covers.


Thank you!

Tide Hill